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FrOSCon 2014 Summary

This year’s FrOSCon’s over, we had an unused booth (later used by someone for presenting emacs) and our own room, including some talks and a workshop. The talks were surprisingly well visited, we did not expect so many people to come. The original expectation was that we might be 15 people, but we got a larger room, probably a good decision by the organization team.

There are some things we can and should do better with future events, this years organization was - as always - really chaotic.

There are few things we did well and others we learned that we handled them… well bad is the proper term.

  • We need to give talks on each day we get a room. This year we only gave these on the first day and the second day the room was quiet. (Positive effect is the reogarnization of the SSL certificates.)

  • We have to give the talks in a better prepared way and not come up with the topics the weekend before the event and create the slides last-minute.

  • We used an Etherpad for organization of a todo list this was from my point of view well handled.

  • When we want to get a room skip a booth. We did not use the booth as we had no hardware to present something down there.

  • Merchandising, it’s every year the same, users want to get some merchandising. If I saw it correctly Debian sells T-Shirts, with german law we probably can’t do something like that to get a bit profit invested into our servers. To give away free stickers to actual users (not arrogant Fedora folks) might be an option, yet we would have to get them on our own costs. Another option would be to talk with the people from the merchandising booth at the entry.

  • When we give workshops we need a better organization, especially with installation stuff. I haven’t done an installation with the pacstrap script yet, leaving me in the same situation as someone new: How the heck do I initialize an installation.