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FrOSCon 2014 Summary

This year’s FrOSCon’s over, we had an unused booth (later used by someone for presenting emacs) and our own room, including some talks and a workshop. The talks were surprisingly well visited, we did not expect so many people to come. The original expectation was that we might be 15 people, but we got a larger room, probably a good decision by the organization team.

There are some things we can and should do better with future events, this years organization was - as always - really chaotic.

There are few things we did well and others we learned that we handled them… well bad is the proper term.

  • We need to give talks on each day we get a room. This year we only gave these on the first day and the second day the room was quiet. (Positive effect is the reogarnization of the SSL certificates.)

  • We have to give the talks in a better prepared way and not come up with the topics the weekend before the event and create the slides last-minute.

  • We used an Etherpad for organization of a todo list this was from my point of view well handled.

  • When we want to get a room skip a booth. We did not use the booth as we had no hardware to present something down there.

  • Merchandising, it’s every year the same, users want to get some merchandising. If I saw it correctly Debian sells T-Shirts, with german law we probably can’t do something like that to get a bit profit invested into our servers. To give away free stickers to actual users (not arrogant Fedora folks) might be an option, yet we would have to get them on our own costs. Another option would be to talk with the people from the merchandising booth at the entry.

  • When we give workshops we need a better organization, especially with installation stuff. I haven’t done an installation with the pacstrap script yet, leaving me in the same situation as someone new: How the heck do I initialize an installation.

FrOSCon 2014

For those who may miss to see us people downstairs next to some other distro/BSD: This year Arch Linux has its own room at FrOSCon, you’ll find us people in C125.

Ein Neuer Blog / a New Blog

Ein neuer Server, ein neuer Blog. Es war ruhig geworden und auch hier wird nicht andauernd etwas Neues stehen, aber ein Ort an dem man seinen Gedanken mal freien Lauf lassen kann ist keine schlechte Sache. badboy_’s altes devbird wurde durch ein Octopress ersetzt und auch auf dem Server selbst läuft ein anderes OS, Arch Linux statt Debian. Manche Posts wird es in Deutsch und Englisch geben, andere nur in einer der Sprachen, aber ich werde die Anzahl von Posts die beide Sprachen vereinen gering halten.

A new server, a new blog. The old blog became a silent place and this one also won’t make much noise, yet it’s not bad to have a place where someone can give his thoughts some freedom. badboy_’s old devbird has been replaced by Octopress and the server also runs another OS, Arch Linux instead of Debian. Some posts will be written in german and english, others just in one of the languages, but I will keep the amount of “merged” posts - like this - at a low level.

Be aware that all posts will be tagged with the language they’ve been written in: deutsch and english.

Irssi, Screen and Urxvt - the Urgency Hint

A lot of i3 users miss a workspace notification when they are being highlighted in an IRC channel, in order to prevent people from getting tired of explaining this short setup over and over again I wrote this article in my old blog. As it’s still visited a lot it obviously survives the server move and enters also this blog.

For screen you only have to disable the vbell in the screenrc:

vbell off

UPDATE 20131027: nille made me aware of the fact, that it’s possible to change the vbell state in a screen session using the C-a C-g key combo.

When you use urxvt as a terminal the urgentOnBell option has to be activated in the Xdefaults file. In case you use an other terminal take a look at the respective documentation.

URxvt*urgentOnBell: true

For irssi there are two ways to handle this. If you have a running instance you can set this by using these commands:

irssi commands
/set bell_beeps on
/set beep_when_away on
/set beep_when_window_active on

Or alternatively by editing the configuration:

settings = {
  "fe-common/core" = {
    bell_beeps = "yes";
    beep_when_away = "yes";
    beep_when_window_active = "yes";